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At Everest Receivable Services,
we are people too

We are fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters and we have bills. We understand how quickly things can escalate and get out of control or at least seem to. We have compiled some resources below so you can understand your rights and provide you with some resources outside our organization. You can also find some articles on our News Page that not only shows you our company, but how to manage your debt. We want you to know that have options.

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Notice to New York Residents

Notice to New York City Residents
At this time, our language access services are limited to our ability to make Spanish speaking representatives available to you upon request, but please note that we do not provide written correspondence translated to another language. Please contact us to confirm your preferred language. In addition, a translation and description of commonly-used debt collection terms is available in multiple languages on New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs’ website at