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Our Philosophy

Everest’s philosophy to debt-recovery is one based on the belief that most consumers want to voluntarily satisfy their obligations and, most often than not, some unanticipated life-event, such as a job-loss or a divorce, lead to their event of default.

Our Recovery Services

Everest sees itself as a facilitator in the process of helping consumers regain control over their financial affairs using a dignified and professional approach to bring about a favorable resolution. All collection efforts are always performed in strict compliance with federal and state regulations. We offer traditional and alternative asset recovery services.

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Notice to New York Residents

Notice to New York City Residents
At this time, our language access services are limited to our ability to make Spanish speaking representatives available to you upon request, but please note that we do not provide written correspondence translated to another language. Please contact us to confirm your preferred language. In addition, a translation and description of commonly-used debt collection terms is available in multiple languages on New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs’ website at