Everest Receivable Services Selects SCollect Collection Software

Everest Receivable Services Selects SCollect Collection Software

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Getzville, New York – Everest Receivable Services, a national provider of accounts receivable services; has transitioned from their current collection software to SCollect collection software from SMAX Technologies.

For nearly a year, Everest was researching new collection platforms through presentations from various vendors and recommendations from industry peers and clients.

Four months ago, the company made a decision to go forward with SCollect and has not looked back since.

When asked about the transition, Matthew Murray, Director of Collections for the Everest stated, “We knew there were specific things we absolutely wanted. One, it had to seamlessly interface with all our other systems. Two, we wanted it to have specific compliance functions especially regarding Reg F and three, we wanted it to be cost effective. We decided on was SCollect because it is simple to use for our associates, it interfaces well with our other systems, it is not overpriced, and the support has been phenomenal.”

Everest has already been utilizing Concepts2Code (C2C) for their TakeWebPaymentsEasyWebDocs solutions and the relationship between C2C and SMAX is well established.

Concepts2Code and SMAX Technologies Partner to Provide Real-time Integrated Consumer Portals (insidearm.com)

Everest found that with the addition of SCollect, once a web payment is made through C2C, it updates the the system of record real time as well as adds the proper note lines. That same ease of use was evident in the phone system. They simply built and launched calling campaigns with minimum effort. What used to take minutes, now took seconds. 

What makes the SCollect solution so unique is SMAX openly works with other vendors to further develop their product. “We will work with anyone.” stated Sam Galbo, President of SMAX.  “By resolving our client’s issues, we make our product more markable to other potential clients. This is about building partnerships with sound business practices, not holding client’s hostage for specialized programming or reporting.”

As the industry begins to rebound from COVID, Everest Receivable Services has taken this opportunity to transition to a more efficient, scalable, and functional collection platform.

For more Information on Everest Receivable Services, please visit www.everest-inc.com

For more information on SCollect and their latest product Smax, please visit smaxcollectionsoftware.com.

For more information on what Concepts2Code and their suite of services please visit concepts2code.com

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